20 The Quay, Appledore, EX39 1QS

01237 424093

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Hanson Memorial Sailors Rest

A Super Friendly Cafe Serving Delicious Coffee and Food on Appledore Quay

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Come on in, you will love it.

Whether you are looking to pop in for a coffee, brunching, booking a ticket for our supper clubs, or hosting a surprise dinner party for 20 with a special menu.... we are here to help!

Sailors Rest

20 The Quay, Appledore, EX39 1QS

01237 424093 - We are closed on Mondays & Tuesdays, but do not worry, we will get you booked in by email if you click on the reservations button.

Opening Times

Wednesday & Thursday  : 10am - 5pm

Friday & Saturday : 10 am - 9pm

Sunday : 10am - 4pm



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